2015-08-19Partner search: EAC/S08/2015 EU Network of Creative Hubs

Във връзка с обявената от Европейската комисия покана EAC/S08/2015 EU Network of Creative Hubs and co-working spaces две испански организации търсят партньори, които да участват в проектите като координатори.

Публикуваме двете покани по-долу.

1. EAC/S08/2015 - EU Network of Creative Hubs and Co-working Spaces

Creative Europe Programme - EU Network of Creative Hubs and Co-working Spaces
Sub-programme Annual Work Programme 2015
Call for proposals EAC/S08/2015 - EU Network of Creative Hubs and Co-working Spaces (http://ec.europa.eu/culture/calls/general/2015-eac-s08_en.htm)
2.23 - Support for Innovation in the cultural and creative sector 

Deadline: 10 September 2015 

Cultural operator
Territory of the island of Tenerife – Spain  (island public entities) 

Short description 
A network of companies, collaborative spaces and create together with the insular public entities wishing to participate together in this call for help from the peripheral areas to the strategy of Creative Europe

Contact details 
José Carlos Hernández González  -jchdezglez@gmail.com


Field Network companies and creative cultural sector is geared towards finding new audiences and foreign markets. The project should promote the ability to identify new opportunities for linkages with the powerful industry of tourism services available to the island of Tenerife 

Strengthen networks of creative co-working centers and areas at Community level 
Strengthening transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation in the sectors of culture and creativity through physical and digital media
Improve the exchange of experiences and best practices between the creative centers of the EU and between cultural and creative sectors
Provide training for managers and creative center cultural and creative professionals and entrepreneurs
Draw lessons and conclusions for further policy development (in the innovative business models, innovative schemes etc.) 

Partners searched
Partners searched: Eligible countries 

We look for the leader of the project. We support management.

* * *

2.  EAC/S08/2015 - EU Network of Creative Hubs and Co-working Spaces

Deadline: 10/09/2015

Cultural operator(s)
Weeked Proms

Short description
Weekend Proms is a production cultural collective that tries to generate dynamic spaces and action networks to explore or develop initiatives related to artistic practice and its relationships with public, social and institutional sphere.

Contact details
Weekend Proms
C/Palacios 32.
14900 Lucena (Córdoba)
+34 675182372

Sound Art, Visual Art, New Media, Heritage, Interdisciplinary.

We are particularly linked to those practices and studies that focus on sound as a way of transmission knowledge, as a subjective creation element, as social observation tool, production, reflection, as a research element or critical practice.

We are committed with initiatives that integrates or develops learning and pedagogic processes, those who achieving transversal narratives and makes rethink the cultural values already established. We are also committed with initiatives that seeking to contribute to keep the balance between immaterial, social, common and private value, actions that care the environment and rethinks new cooperation ties and social empowerment.

Our projects: http://weekendproms.tumblr.com/

Partners searched

Sound Art Organizations, Visual Art and New Media collectives, Museums, Cultural Centres or Universities.

Our organization has a co-working space located al Lucena (Córdoba) south of Spain. We offer our space as eligible for this program.



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