2015-04-16Call for Experts: Cultural dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy

In the framework of the public consultation "Towards a new European Neighbourhood Policy" launched in March by the European Commission, More Europe – external cultural relations is hereby calling for applications in order to select experts on the Neighbourhood Policy of the European Union (ENP), and more specifically on its cultural dimension. These experts will take an active part in our on-going reflection on the cultural dimension of the ENP and our contribution to the public consultation.

Selected experts will assist More Europe – external cultural relations in contributing to the public consultation "Towards a new European Neighbourhood Policy" by writing a "position paper".

To this sake, and based on the Joint Consultation Document, tasks of the experts will include:

  • Observe and record to what extent the current ENP include cultural relations and cooperation between the European Union (EU), its Member States and countries of the ENP;
  • Identify how, when, and in which priority areas (conflict prevention & peace-building, creative industries, mobility of artists & artworks, civil society dialogue & networking, inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue, etc.) the new ENP should enhance/deepen its support to cultural relations between the EU and its Neighbours, taking into consideration the differences between the 16 countries of the European Neighbourhood;
  • Collect and analyse ENP cultural cooperation projects’ success stories and failed/flawed examples;
  • Participate in a workshop of experts to be organised in May, in order to feed the reflection on the cultural dimension of the ENP and complement a “policy paper”.

Technical details of the position

  • Experts are not required to be based in Brussels, however meetings in Brussels need to be foreseen.
  • Research period: from early May to end of June 2015.
  • Budget allocation:
    • each expert will receive 2.500€ for the fulfilment of the above-mentioned tasks;
    • research-conducting budget of a maximum of 1.500€ (possibly covering travel and other research-related costs).
  • Additional human resources: staff of More Europe – external cultural relations may assist the experts for some specific tasks.

Selection criteria
This call is open to all cultural operators, managers of cultural institutions, associations or networks, researchers, academics and/or independent experts with sound expertise on the ENP and its cultural dimension. 
Participants will be selected according to the following selection criteria:

  • Thematic expertise: a thorough knowledge of the overall ENP and of its cultural dimension (institutional organisation of the cultural/creative sector in these regions; development and implementation of overall policies, strategies, regulatory frameworks; implementation of international cooperation projects; financing, developing and strengthening the cultural sector, etc.) and a specialisation in one or the two ENP regions (Southern Mediterranean and Eastern Partnership);
  • Geographical balance: experts coming from Europe or a country covered by the ENP;
  • Gender balance: we will try to guarantee a gender balance in the selection of the experts, as appropriate.

Application procedure 
Interested applicants are invited to submit their application in English to More Europe – external cultural relations no later than 29 April 2015 17h00 CET (date and time of the e-mail) to the following e-mail address: guillemette.madinier@moreeurope.org.
Applications shall include:

  • a cover letter / letter of interest;
  • a resume;
  • a research proposal outlining understanding of the tasks and methodology intended to be used (max. 2 pages). NB: proposals cannot exceed the overall budget for research exercise;

examples of previous research or case studies in related fields can also be included.

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